Dedicated to Gender Diversity & Inclusion

WGA is an organisation with a purpose to remove barriers and increase opportunities for the advancement of women in the workforce.


WGA is dedicated to empowering women working in, or looking to work in the thriving and fast-paced gaming and hospitality industry.

Fostering a positive culture in the workplace that encourages employees to bring their best self to work is key to building a motivated and engaged workforce – and for women, this has never been more important.

WGA acknowledges and promotes the important part education has to play in achieving equality and empowering women. WGA will contribute to this by providing professional development to members and raising awareness of women’s contribution to the industry.


  • Diversity of thought leads to better business outcomes.

  • Entice new entrants to the industry by creating an attractive, inclusive and accessible environment for women to work in.

  • Engage industry leaders to provide greater levels of insight on engagement of women.


Identifying and removing barriers to the entry, retention and advancement of women.

Uniting with other industry organisations to promote equality, diversity and inclusiveness in the employment of women.

Fostering the continuing professional development of women through mentoring, training and development, scholarships and awards.

Valuing, encouraging and enhancing awareness of women’s contribution to the industry.

Providing a common meeting ground for women.


Covering topics from the Gaming & Hospitality Industry

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