As part of our commitment to raise awareness of women’s contribution to the industry, we have partnered with Asia Gaming Brief and GTA to increase the female representation of speakers and panelists at the Australasian Gaming Expo Seminar.

The Expo runs from 13 -15 August in Sydney and our target for the seminar program is to have representation from at least one female per panel.

Studies show that role models are an incredibly effective way to empower and encourage women as well as drive change of belief in male leaders. Research has also shown that women are more likely to pursue leadership roles and advance their careers when they have female role models.

Having representation of female presenters and panellists at industry events and conferences is critical to our mission in highlighting women’s contribution to our industry.

There are a number of sessions and panels that we are seeking speakers for:

Panel – Gaming Systems Evolution

Gaming systems are becoming more sophisticated, and with this, however, costs have also increased. This session will explore the capabilities of the next generation gaming system, and the direction that gaming system suppliers are heading.

Panel – Data Protection & Cyber-Security

How often have we heard about privacy breaches affecting Facebook or an online retailer? Clubs would hold details of their customers’ private details (home addresses, etc), preferences and possibly credit card details. What happens if there is a breach? How are they protecting that data?

Panel – Clubs industry, what’s coming next?

This session will explore the key opportunities and challenges facing the clubs industry over the year ahead. Intended to be a more high-level discussion, this session will invite a representation of club operators from around the country to discuss their plans for the year ahead.

Presentation – Going Green

A hot topic across all industries at the moment is sustainability. These days, most venues and gaming manufacturers have started to look at ways to reduce waste, impact on the environment, and putting together a sustainability policy. A panel of experts will discuss some of the easiest ways to start making a real impact on sustainability, with real-life examples – and how this would inevitably improve your bottom line.

Presentation – The Entertainment Dollar

Our customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment these days. Just what are our gambling-aged customers doing with their disposable income, and where does our humble venue fit in? For this session, we invite a reputable market research firm that has been working on exactly this issue to share their findings.


If you are interested, or know anyone that would be suitable to speak on any of the below topics, please be bold, find your voice and contact us to to submit your interest.